Building Versus Designing And How They Relate

Have you ever built something from scratch? Say you knew what you were doing, you had built something similar before and now you were building based on what you knew? Would you wait until the end of the design period to start even stepping foot on the site to begin the work? The right, efficient answer should be that if you know what you are doing then starting the basics–the essentials–should be a no-brainer.

Let’s now apply this to a home building scenario. Say you know the house floor plan. Do you get the permits and workers and start laying the foundation? Sure you do! You do not need to wait to decide what sinks you are going to install before you even lay the foundation–no–those decisions can be made during the process or by a design team as opposed to the contractor and their team. Arizona design build workers understand and work efficiently with their time so that the homeowner is not waiting a day later than they should for their home to be ready for move-in.

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