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Foods That Help Hair Regrowth

When you age, your whole body ages. So is the case with your hair. You begin to lose hair when you get older. Some people even start to lose hair even in their teens. It is all due to modern days’ pollution and stress that everyone has to face in some way or the other. In these circumstances it becomes very important that you should pay attention to your diet. Your body is what you eat. So if you eat a balanced diet that is rich with all the necessary nutrients.

Your hair start experiencing changes as you get old. But your diet can help you keep your hair strong. When you a brush full of fallen hair, don’t get panicked. Instead treat your body from within and the end result will be strong shiny hair that you have always wished for.

Here is a list of foods that help hair regrowth naturally:





Walnuts and

Green Leafy Veggies