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Fixing Portrait Photos With Dark Areas

Don’t you hate it when your photos have dark areas – especially when the face is barely distinguishable??? I hate that!

1432153589_camera_unmount2I know you hate it when you have taken portraiture and it has turned out way too dark…. what do you do?

Taking poorly lit portraits are probably the biggest fear and irritation of photographers, both professional and hobbyist. However there is “light” when you come to this tunnel. There are many ways to fix portrait photos that are too dark.

Ways to correct dark portraiture and other items to consider in taking portraitures

1. Layer tool – these software programs and enhancements offer ways to “lighten” that dark portraiture. Many of the software programs on the market have this “layer tool” included and it is quite simple to use.

There are many questions and functions that you can correct to fix dark portraiture.

2. There could be something bright in the background that is playing tricks on the built in automatic light meter that then caused the film to be underexposed and produces dark portraitures.

3. Also take into effect, the distance between you and the subject of your pictures.

4. You might need to get a different kind of film. Check and see if your camera has the ability to use and set different film speeds, if so, use film of a higher ISO/ASA capability.

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5. Your flash could not be powerful enough to cover the distance. Either you need to move closer to your subject or obtain a more powerful flash for your camera.

6. Can you change the flash to be set on manual or “m”? If you can, then override the automatic function. This will then force the flash into putting out more light and hopefully will make your shots be of lighter quality.

Because you can’t always determine if a picture is going to be a dark portraiture or not, unless you are using a digital camera, you need to ensure you take multiple shots. Using different angles, closeness, and flashes will help you be able to avoid producing dark portraiture. Understand though, if all that fails and you still come up with dark portraiture, purchase or download some free photo editor software and you enhance or lighten the photos on your computer.

This is the simplest way to avoid dark prostrates without spending too much money or wasting film and time on pictures that you might not need. I do recommend purchasing a digital camera that is the ONE way to avoid dark portraitures; because you can see the image and re take the shot if you need to get a better one.

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