Drug Use and Abuse

There are those among us who see drug use and abuse as a serious problem; to these people, marijuana, crack cocaine and all the rest of them seem like terrible things. One wonders what they might think though if they were introduced to the horrors of a new kind of marijuana and cocaine that make the regular stuff look kind of straightlaced. Welcome to the world of the synthetic drug – substances that have been seriously sickening people across the country, giving seizures to teenaged children and even killing some.

Those who like to caution people around them about the horrors of drug use and abuse never probably could have thought that they could ever wish for the goodness of good old natural drugs. Drug researchers like provide outstanding info. These days, drug experimenters have begin to discover that there are certain kinds of chemicals that can be used as an approximation of the effects they crave out of regular pot or cocaine. Drug sellers sell these for as little as $10 a shot.

So how does general society learn of how widespread this kind of self abuse is? We learn through all the people who show up at ERs across the country complaining of some terrible things – hallucinations, an inability to breathe, partial paralysis – stuff that can last for days. Just in the first three months of this year alone, there have been about 3000 people who have shown up at ERs with some pretty scary symptoms from synthetic drug use and abuse. Compare these with the 3000 who came in in all of 2010, and you begin to worry. It would look like synthetic drugs are catching on at an alarming rate. There have been so many teenagers coming into ERs screaming about monsters or aliens after them. When anything like this happens, doctors have learned to suspect synthetic drugs.

There is a reason why they say that these drugs mimic known drugs – the makers of these drugs actually formulate them for it. They have one that mimics marijuana for instance; they call it K2. It apparently does something psychological to people who take it. Several teens, after having taken it, have put a gun to their heads and killed themselves. It isn’t infrequently that people on synthetic drugs complain of feeling like they are on fire – and not in a good way.

One reason that kids these days are trying to move away from cocaine or marijuana is that if you are caught in possession of cocaine or heroin, you can consider yourself under arrest. With these strange new chemicals though, you aren’t really in violation of any law. Businesses that screen employees for drugs find that their tests can’t even detect these chemicals. The Drug Enforcement Administration though has just swooped down on this and outlawed all these chemicals. Drug experimenters though are quick to make tiny variations to the formula to make new chemicals that aren’t strictly banned.

Perhaps the government just should just legalize marijuana if this is what teens do if they can’t get their hands on the regular stuff.

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