Why Fast Weight Loss Plans Fail

Consider this, the weight loss industry rakes in billions of dollars a year. Celebrities and athletes who endorse fast weight plans are among the highest paid celebrity endorsers. How many times have you watched the infomercials late at night and seen your favorite celebrities “selling” the latest fast weight loss plans? The reality is, these celebrities have paid assistants and fitness trainers who work with them every day. They have makeup artists and stylists who help them look great (despite their age)!

But what about if you’re a homemaker or an overworked office worker and don’t have the resources to have all the help they get when you diet? Are fast weight plans bound to fail? The answer is: if you eat smartly, your very own fast weight loss plan will carry you through and help you lose those last 10 pounds. Here’s how (from the fast weight loss website):

1. Choose to eat the right foods. That means fruits, vegetables, grains and lean meats. That also means no sugary snacks like cakes and pies. Eat watermelon or strawberries instead. You get the sweetness without the sugar and fats.

2. Increase your daily activities. Fast weight loss plans depend on an increase in calories you burn through exercise and everyday activities like walking and running errands.

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