Homemade Lip Gloss Recipes

If you need to make your own lip gloss it is really easy.

FA03If you think that lip gloss produced by different companies don’t fit enough your personality, you can make it at home. You can use the following recipes.

What do you need?

– a small bowl
– powdering cocoa mixture
– petroleum jelly

What do you have to do?

Firstly, put the necessary amount of petroleum jelly in a small glass container. Then you must put it in a microwave oven for 30 seconds. When you take it out, you must stir until the jelly melts. After that you may add the cocoa powder, according to your preference.

Next, you must put it once again in the oven, and then you stir. Finally, let it cool. When it is cool enough, in order to be handled, take a spoon and put the mixture into a small bowl.

When the petroleum jelly got firm, you may use it. If you are fond of fruit, you may replace cocoa with the juice of your favorite fruit, under the form of a powder.

Another recipe will involve more ingredients.

Get ready with:

– a small bowl
– paraffin wax
– a Ziploc bag
– coconut oil
– wax paper
– petroleum jelly
– grater
– candy melts, as it will give the color of the gloss and its taste, too
– candy flavoring based on special oil, according to the flavor which you prefer

What do you have to do?

Take the wax paper and grate some paraffin wax on it. After that put a quarter of a teaspoon grater wax into the plastic bag. Then add one candy melt, one teaspoon coconut oil and one teaspoon petroleum jelly.

Finally, choose the flavor of the candy which is based on special oil and add the eighth part of a teaspoon of it.

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For about three to five minutes put the bag, which was previously sealed, into a container of hot tap water, and wait for the ingredients to melt. Don’t heat the necessary water in a microwave oven or on a stove.

Take out the bag from the water when the ingredients are melted. After that, as quickly as you can, you have to squish the ingredients in the bag, in order to mix them. Next, take a clean bowl and squeeze lip gloss into it, after you have clipped off a little corner of the bag. Now you may put it in the refrigerator for a quarter of an hour, or you may let it set for an hour.

When you want to apply the gloss it is recommended to use a cotton swab. You may obtain a long-lasting lip gloss. However, if its color, texture and odor change, don’t hesitate and get rid of it.

You may try a new recipe, or the previous one, as now you are an experienced lip gloss maker.

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