Kitten Heels: The Definitive Women’s Shoes Trends

Shoes are an essential part of any outfit, as any fashion-savvy individual will tell you. However, the rationale behind the importance of shoes isn’t completely motivated by aesthetic appeal. Rather, it is quite functional in nature. Unlike the other items of our wardrobe, shoes must be worn every day. This means that they have to last us a long time. This is why shoes are a worthy investment, and we must choose wisely before purchasing the shoes that will make or break our everyday looks.

But who says that women’s shoes can’t be functional and easy on the eyes? The fashion industry has taken the recent economic downturn into account and conceded that wearability and comfort are compatible with elegance and chic. Beauty no longer has to equal pain, which takes a load off of our shoulders and our feet. Ladies, get ready to put your best foot forward in the coming summer with kitten heels, the women’s shoes of 2011.

What exactly is a kitten heel? It’s a throwback to the 50s and 60s that historically hasn’t stood as tall as its fellow heels, both literally and figuratively. The kitten heel has a thin heel that raises the foot about 2 inches and curves inwards, making it easier for women’s feet to comfortably keep steady. Kitten heels usually haven’t been as popular as taller heels or stilettos, but they are definitely the women’s shoes to look out for this year. Perhaps the popularity of Mad Men may have something to do with it. The kitten heel definitely makes for a more simple and retro look. Heels are generally valued among women’s shoes for increasing height and defining the legs, but the kitten heel won’t necessarily give you the length and definition you seek. Rather, it will work in your favor if you are seeking simplicity, elegance and sophistication. A sophisticated woman doesn’t need to stand tall above others to assure them of her sophistication. Her actions (and heels) speak for themselves. And for the warm summer weather, kitten heel sandals are a great spin on the kitten heel. They are slightly more casual look for the day, but they’re still chic enough to be worn in the office.

So the next time you’re in the women’s shoe department, don’t be stumped, be heeled! Every woman will be looking to add a pair of kitten heels to her collection, and they won’t be going away anytime soon. Kitten heels rose to prominence in 2010, and they’ll reign well throughout the 2011 year.

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