Retrieving Contra Costa County Marriage License Records

In the state of California, there are two bureaus from which one can inquire about marriage documents such as the Contra Costa County Marriage License Records. These are the Office of the County Recorder and the Department of Public Health through its Vital Records Division.

If anyone wishes to obtain a certified copy of a marriage certificate, the state issues two types of the said document. First is the certified authorized copy and the second is the certified informational copy. The former requires the submission of a notarized sworn statement together with the request form. Certified duplicate of a marriage license requested from the Vital Records Office will cost you $14.00. One must take into account that the processing time may take a few months before you can finally get hold of the report you want. You must also be mindful that the procurement of a certified authorized replica is limited only to some individuals such as the persons named on the report, their parents, legal guardians, law enforcement personnel or any person who is in the performance of his or her official business. Another option which you might consider is to make a demand from County Clerk’s office where the marriage permit was approved. The certified informational duplicate on the other hand, reveals the same details contain in a certified authorized copy. However, an informational copy has a print on the face of the paper that such is not valid to be used as a proof of identity.

Couples who want to push through with their marriage plans must first acquire a marriage license from the office of the county clerk. It is a specific requirement that individuals who wish to get married must appear in person to the above-mentioned office and must bring with them their valid photo-bearing identification. One may present his or her driver’s license, passport or military ID. One may also prepare to present his or her birth certificate as there are county offices that require the submission of such birth record.

If you wish to request for a copy of your own marriage certificate, the first thing which you must perform is to download the request form from the worldwide web. It is vital that you carefully go through the instructions in order to prevent erroneous entries in completing the application form. You will also have to provide basic information about yourself and the record you demand. Once you have completed the request form, you must submit the same together with the sworn statement to the Office of Vital Records. You must not forget to include your payment in the amount of $14.00 payable by check or money order.

A Contra Costa Marriage records search can be done any day of the week and at any hour of the day. The ease of access that people get to experience in search for the record they want can be attributed to the development of the worldwide web. A huge number of online service providers are all over the Internet to provide information to the general public either for free or for a nominal cost.

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