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Aids for the Elderly in The Bathroom – Safety First

Grab bars and bath tub rails are very important in a home that has elderly parents. Most slip and fall accidents happen in the bathroom as elderly parents get out of the shower or as they lift themselves out of the tub. This is why wall mounted grab bars with heavy duty screws are the best. Most suction grab bars do not give the stability that they would need. It is amazing how a simple, sturdy and well installed grab bar can help save a life. There are many stories of elderly and senior citizens who slipped and fell in the bathroom and could not call for help.

Tub rails are another form of aids for the elderly in the bathroom. These raised handles help elderly get out of the tub in safety. These will help them pull up with safety and also step out of the tub. Many accidents that require knee replacement and hip replacement could have been prevented if only bathroom safety was addressed. Yes, the bathroom that elderly parents use will not be as pretty as before, but when safety proofing the house, safety before pretty is a must. This also means that runners with suctions should be removed from the bathroom floor as elderly parents whose balance is no longer as good or as sturdy can also slip and fall.