New Weight Loss Support Plans To Employees

How badly do you want a little extra cash? More and more workers these days are finding an offer on the table from the employer that is a little hard to resist – $1000 or even more if they’ll actually exercise a bit. Businesses, that are having to pay unbelievable insurance premiums to cover their employees’ health benefits, are wondering if they could help their cause a little bit by putting a little thought into preventive maintenance. Is this like a bribe? You bet! But it’s for a good cause. It brings people who really want to slim down a little weight-loss support to know that they’re being bribed to do what is good for them. It makes people feel really well-cared for.

Consider some districts in Texas, like San Antonio, that are reported as the most obese in America. Not only are these people struggling to keep to a reasonable weight level, they are also struggling with record numbers of pre-diabetes symptoms. They wonder about this now the way they used to wonder about the morality of offering cash prizes to school children to do better work. But there isn’t any reason a little weight-loss support in the shape of cold hard cash couldn’t work helping people visit the treadmill every day.

How do companies actually come forward with a novel plan such as this? For instance, how do they know that anyone’s exercising after they accept the bribe, ahem incentive? Of course, they have ways and means. Let’s say you are a new employee at one of these companies; right alongside of the name tag they issue for you, they also give you a pedometer that you’re supposed to wear all the time, like a person out on parole wears an ankle collar. Whatever you do that involves walking, the meter measures it; and if you end up walking a certain amount each day, you qualify. What is more, if you want to make a bigger incentive, you just have to walk more. They offer more than just weight-loss support with their incentives though.

There are incentives for bringing your blood pressure down, your blood sugar count down, your cholesterol down. Typically, about 10,000 steps will earn you 100 points. Collect 10,000 of those, and you’ll have made about $50. Are these programs actually paying off in getting people to slim down with all the weight-loss support then? At these companies, about one in every two employees who sign up, will usually lose about a couple of pounds. And they will also get people to shave at least 10 points off their blood pressure readings. One doesn’t know if the the businesses that offer these weight-loss support programs actually gain anything in terms of lower healthcare costs. But it’s pretty obvious to see that they will.

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